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3 easy ideas to liven up a child’s birthday party with inflatable toys

All any parent wants for their child’s birthday party is to give them the time of their life, and one surefire way of doing just that is with inflatable toys. Turn even the simplest backyard into a children’s paradise by getting creative with inflatable toys like slides and pools, and your party will be a guaranteed success!

Here are 3 simple ideas to get you started.

First off, the water slide. Kids love thrills, and swirling down that waterslide will give them such a rush of excitement they couldn’t not have fun. Slides are simple to set up; all you have to do is add the water. Whether you choose a one that splashes them straight into the pool or one that has them slipping and sliding down the grass, the kids will enjoy it and so will you when you see their happy smiles and hear their joyous laughter.

Balloons are probably already on your list of basic party necessities to decorate the house, but try setting a few aside to create another fun party element: water balloons. Unlike the water slide where kids need to wait their turn, everyone gets to participate at the same time and work as a team. This easy and inexpensive idea is sure to be hit. And you can go one step further by using foam-filled water balloons (water balloons and foam are not sold by Bestway, please refer to your local toy store).

An inflatable swimming pool provides loads of fun even on its own, but try adding some inflatable beach toys like palm trees and animals, and you’ll have created a whole new world. The kids will have a blast playing pirates! Or, with just a little more time and effort, you can make your own ball pit! Grab some multi colored balls and fill your pool with them, then watch as the kids lose themselves in colorful, bouncy fun!

Inflatable toys will help you give your child the party they’ve been dreaming of, while creating long-lasting memories for family and friends!